What you need

Loan security

Sometimes people have good assets but they are a little low on cash – especially when something unexpected happens, like a car breaks down or there is a family funeral.

At Pacific Loans we can help you out by using an asset as security for the loan.

You may have one of the following items that could help cover the value of the loan if for some reason you are unable to pay it back.

Good security items:

  • Cars
  • Houses
  • Shares
  • Some household items (not essential whiteware, like fridges and ovens) 

Credit rating

At Pacific Loans we look at your record of paying back previous loans.
If you had a problem in the past and did pay off a bad debt, or you still are – our friendly team may be able to approve a loan for you.

We will look at your loan application favourably if you are honest and paying off the prior loan.


We need to know who you are and we need you to bring in some good photo identification (ID).

Before we approve you loan you need to show us something like:

  • Your passport
  • Your New Zealand drivers licence
  • An account that proves where you live, such as, a power bill with your Auckland address

Other information we need

  • Ownership papers of item offered as security, e.g. car ownership papers
  • Insurance contract for the item offered as security
  • A recent payslip (one to two weeks old)
  • Bank statements for the last three months

If you’re not currently employed your bank statement will show your benefit payments.

For household items, such as stereos, TVs or furniture, we need to inspect them.